Jacob Stickney’s Senior Recital

Last Sunday The Teaching joined local Tenor Saxophonist and Hang regular Jacob Stickney for his Senior Recital performance at PONCHO Concert Hall at Cornish. The concert went incredibly well and Jacob even featured a couple of our originals in his recital set:

Here’s a live recording of The Teaching’s composition ‘Sea Town’ from his recital:

Jacob played with such heart that evening and his instructors, friends and family seemed very pleased by his performance and our music. We’ve had the pleasure of hearing him mature into a well-rounded musician over the past 2 and half years both at Lo-Fi and LUCID. We had almost forgotten that we had all come full circle together until Jacob reminded us that evening that we also played his entrance performance. It seemed very fitting that he invited us to close this chapter of his music education at Cornish.

The Teaching would once again like to congratulate him on a successful recital and being an all-round COLD CAT!

For more info about Jacob Stickney and his music please visit his MySpace page at: http://www.myspace.com/jacobstickneymusic

Feel free to listen to more clips from Jacob’s Senior Recital below:

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