The Heist Nominated for 7 GRAMMY Awards!

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Photo by Michael Buckner - Feature Image

56th Grammy Awards Graphic

Nominations for the 56th GRAMMY Awards were announced tonight by The Recording Academy and we couldn’t be more thrilled for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with their nomination in 7 categories for their album ‘The Heist’!!! This is such a huge accomplishment for these guys and of course incredibly exciting news for us and the entire Seattle Music Community. We’re still finding out what this means for us being featured on their album. Wow’zers! This is huge!

Here’s a recent post on the News Section:

Congrats to M&RL on their nominations and we couldn’t be happier to see how their hard work and perseverance has allowed them to raise to such acclaim. Well deserved!!! The put a damn fine album together and we couldn’t be more thrilled for having been invited into the studio to work with them back in September 2010. Goes to show you just never know how things will trickle forward and resonate with people when you’re in the moment. Wow!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 26th for the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards baby – Seattle is going to sweep!

Bom Bom Video Contest Winner Announced

Bom Bom Video Title Graphic - Featured Image

Bom Bom (feat. The Teaching)
Official Music Video

The winner of the ‘Bom Bom’ Music Video Content was announced on today. Congrats to Cheok Wai Lei and her stunning and creative interpretation to our music!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis received over 200 great submissions for the contest and there were lot’s of other fantastic entries – if you’d like to see some other entries simple go to YouTube and search ‘Bom Bom Video Contest.

Thanks to all our Fans and everyone else who put in the time and effort to submit a video for the contest. We hope to be a part of future recordings with M&RL where we can do things like this again.

The Teaching Returns!

March 21st, 2013 The Teaching at Seamonster Lounge Poster - Featured Image

March 21st, 2013 The Teaching at Seamonster Lounge Poster

The moment so many of you have been patiently, patiently waiting for…you read it correctly in the title — The Teaching (Josh Rawlings – Fender Rhodes, Evan Flory-Barnes – Bass & Jeremy Jones – Drums) will come together at the place we got our start as a band nearly 7 years ago! The beloved and amazing Seamonster Lounge.

Join us for a momentous reunion performance. Evan will be fresh back from tour, Josh will be slightly awake from his new-Dad duties for the past 20 months and Jeremy will be in deep relaxed bliss from his meditations 😉 in other words – come hear The Teaching like you’ve never heard before…after a year + hiatus the music bombs & “WHOA’S!” are sure to make many hearts overflow with joy this magical evening.

We hope to see you!

Click here  to RSVP on our FaceBook event page

BomBom Music Video Contest Announced!

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Photo by John Keatley - Featured Image

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis photo by John Keatley

The Teaching is thrilled to share the news of a music video contest for the song BomBom on Macklemore x Ryan Lewis‘ hit album ‘The Heist‘. We’re really excited to see the submissions for this song and encourage you to participate.

The announcement and details for the contest are posted on their website here:

We’re still amazed for the incredible feature they gave us by making us the ONLY instrumental track on the entire record. We’ve received a few emails from people who say this is one of their favorite songs on the album and a few pianists have even emailed us looking for sheet music. Needless to say we’re incredibly flattered and hyped for all the buzz and support from our performance on the song and we’re looking forward to hopefully working more with these guys down the road.

For anyone who’s actually interested in the piano part / score of song, we’ve contacted Macklemore x Ryan Lewis and will certainly let you know if anything is put together.  Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you well informed.

We couldn’t be more thrilled for the success Ben (Macklemore) & Ryan have received from the release of ‘The Heist’ and we feel so proud to see them representing Seattle’s rich and amazing music / art scene. Here’s to them and hoping for much more success giving Seattle a fantastic spotlight!

Now go submit a video for BomBom! WHOA!!!!!!

The Teaching feat. on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis newest album ‘The Heist’

The Heist Album Cover - Featured Image

The Heist Album Cover

Bom Bom (feat. The Teaching) available on iTunes today!

Click here to take a listen to the track and/or download the Delux Edition of ‘The Heist’ in iTunes

The Teaching is back! We couldn’t be happier to be featured on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ newest album and for the success that’s been pouring in for them. As of Tuesday, October 9th, 2012, their first full-length album ‘The Heist’ went on sale across the country in both physical and digital form. Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) & Ryan Lewis were #1 on the bestseller list of iTunes for over 4 days and the Seattle Times even did a feature article HERE.

Back in September of 2011, Ryan Lewis reached out to the three of us after our good friend and local trumpeter Owuor Arunga recommended they get us in the studio for a track Ryan was working on.  He had us record for about 2 hours at Avast Studios in Greenwood on a looped and rough draft audio sample for Bom Bom. We had a fantastic time recording in the studio together again and we played with a particular fire and passion that night after not playing regularly together for some time. Ryan and Ben were found bobbing their heads to the grooves, harmonies and notes we interlaced and stretched out from their base track. Ryan was especially fun to work with as he dug deep with each of us in the studio crafting the exact emotions, builds and texture he would need for his studio wizardry.  It was really fun to see these guys getting into our music and giving us mad props after the session was over.

The result of Ryan’s work on Bom Bom is truly stellar. You hear the essence of The Teaching all over the track, but you also hear Ryan’s incredible remix of what we do live and spun out as this tapestry of beautiful interwoven sounds. He especially seemed to enjoy my lush beds of piano trills and poly-rhythmic playing seeing how they were mixed and featured throughout the song. Amidst the layers of piano are moments where you swear you hear a Samba marching band led by Jeremy Jones and wisps of a classical bass solo and drops by Evan Flory-Barnes. It’s a magical sounding track that really takes the listener on a cinematic journey. With Ben absent from the track it is also the only instrumental song featured on the album, which for us is a huge compliment to say that song could stand on it’s own without a the full production.

So, little did we know last year that Macklemore was actually a local rapper on the WAY up with Ryan Lewis. And now…I suspect we’ll be seeing Macklemore on SNL, David Letterman, and the like. These homegrown musicians are already touring the world and selling out nearly every venue they play…this is nothing short of amazing and we’re so proud of their hard work in representing the incredible Seattle talent, the beauty of our city, featuring numerous local musicians on the album and putting out an extremely high-quality music product.

We had a fantastic time working with Ryan & Ben and applaud the success on a fantastic album, and sincerely look forward to collaborating with them in the future. These are great guys, working independently without a label, going against the odds and showing it still can be done in the music business. Bravo cat! Bra-WHOA!


The Teaching CD Release at Bake’s Place in Bellevue

The Teaching is thrilled to be performing at the brand new Bake’s Place in Bellevue in support of our latest CD ‘Live At Dazzle’. We recently returned from a successful trip to Denver, CO playing at Dazzle Jazz Club in support of the venue’s new record label launch. The CD has received great reviews on All About Jazz and in the Denver Post recently. You can get your copy of the CD off our website or in person at our next show!

It’s been too long since our last Seattle area performance and we’d love to share this exciting new CD with you in the fabulous new venue Bake’s has relocated to.

Please join us for a very memorable and intimate evening with The Teaching.

Josh Rawlings – fender rhodes/piano
Evan Flory-Barnes – upright bass
Jeremy Jones – drum set

Tickets/Reservations: or (425) 454-2776.

Note: Bake’s Place has a fantastic new menu by chef Chris Peterson and a beautiful new space to hear live music. Your support of our performance will be helping establish Bake’s in Bellevue as an important live music venue. Thank you for your support!

Also this show is 21+ and The Teaching looks forward to performing matinee/all-ages shows at Bake’s in the future.

Tickets & reservations are recommended for this show to ensure you get a seat!

Warmest Regards,
The Teaching
Josh, Evan, and Jeremy

Bake's Place poster

The Teaching at the 1st ever Dazzle Recordings Artist Festival

We recently returned from playing the first ever Dazzle Recordings Artist Festival hosted at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver, CO. We were part of a lineup of nearly 20 live music groups performing over the weekend of April 21st & 22nd, 2012.  All the performing artists for this initial festival launch are part of Dazzle Jazz Club’s home label and The Teaching couldn’t have been more thrilled to be asked to fly down and play. Our festival slot was on Saturday, April 21st and we had a full-house to play to that evening. The room was electric with the vibration of swing, modern jazz, bebop, funk, improvisation and the like. It was a blast playing for such a receptive audience and here’s what one local writer from the Denver Post had to say about our set at the festival:

“Seattle-based group the Teaching turned in a fiery piano trio performance. The upper-register solo taken by bassist Evan Flory-Barnes during his composition “Fragrance of Eminence” almost resembled a banjo after a few measures. Pianist Josh Rawlings had the audience clapping and singing in time to songs like “Get ‘em Blues” and “Apex Is a Beautiful Day,” while drummer Jeremy Jones added tasteful beats throughout the set.”
Sam DeLeo, Denver Post

All in all we had a fantastic trip and we even got to sneak in a special show that Sunday, April 22nd at our favorite music spot in Arvada, CO at the D-Note. We got to have some amazing D-Note pizza, great drinks and of course hang with the infamous and incredibly warm, Phil (our loyal door guy and biggest fan in Colorado!). Get your Phil at the D-Note 😉

We’re looking forward to continue playing in Denver and this year’s trip to the festival was certainly a nice breath of fresh air from our annual Winter trip…in other words – the weather in Colorado in April is amazing! We hope to play the Dazzle Recordings Artist Festival again in the near future.

Thanks to Josh Quinlan for organizing the festival and for helping spread the word of Dazzle’s incredible roster of musicians!

Check out the Dazzle Recordings and the wealth of talent they have on the label:

Colorado Trip & Bake’s Place

Dear Friends,

Our next trip to Colorado is coming up soon!  We will be performing as part of the Dazzle Recording Artists Label Festival on Saturday, April 22nd.  There will be groups going on all day long, and our set is from 7:55pm-8:45pm.  All the information is available on our website, or at  We’ll have copies of our new CD “Live at Dazzle” which we released on the Dazzle Recordings Label.

On Sunday, April 22nd we’ll be performing at our usual home in Arvada, the D Note.  This will be an afternoon show from 1pm-3pm.  Come out with your whole family and enjoy a pizza and a heaping helping of uplifting music.

Seattle-area friends, mark your calendars for our CD Release show of our Live at Dazzle CD at the brand-new Bake’s Place location in Bellevue, on May 23rd.  This venue looks to be beautiful and we can’t wait to take the stage.  For more information and reservations, visit

We appreciate your help to spread the word about these performances, and hope your spring is warm and sunny (inside and out).

Warmest Regards,
The Teaching
Josh, Evan, and Jeremy


The Teaching 4th Annual Colorado Trip

The Teaching is thrilled to announce that we will return to Colorado again this Winter for the 4th year in a row! We have 3 show dates currently booked in the Denver area that we’d love for you to attend and/or spread the word to anyone you know who lives in the vacinity. Our drummer, Jeremy Jones, grew up in Arvada and it has been a real treat to be able to return each year meeting our growing Colorado family and fans and meeting new lovers of our music each time! We hope you’ll be able to join us for these fantastic performances below and we’d really appreciate any help in spreading the word.

For more info about the performances please visit our Shows page.

Thank you so much and we wish you each a Happy & Safe Holiday season rich with live music!

The Teaching at D Note NYE

The Teaching is very excited to return for our 3rd annual holiday trip to Colorado. That’s right! This year we’ll be bringing in the 2011 New Year at D-Note in Arvada with a very special performance. Joining us this evening will be our trusted friend and local saxophonist Serafin Sanchez and local KS 107.5 DJ Chonz. The D-Note is known for their fantastic homemade pizzas, delicious food and ales, along with their great live music and artwork. Join The Teaching for our ONLY show this year in Colorado and grab a copy of our brand new Live at Triple Door CD. It’ll be an incredible night at the D-Note and a very memorable New Year’s celebration you won’t forget.

Make your NYE reservations by calling (303) 463-6683